…At the beginning…


Š      “Am I breathing freely?”

Š      “Am I moving at a good speed?”

Š      “Am I stable, calm, and steady?”

Š      “Am I contracting the target muscle(s)?”



…As intensity increases…


Š      Breathe freely and faster to prevent Val Salva/Sync (breath-holding with stop/start action) from taking over.

Š      Anticipate any kind of lunge and slow down.  Methodically squeeze through difficult positions.

Š       “Am I truly contracting my muscles or am I just holding the position using non-movement of the movement arm?”

Š      Locate the target muscle(s) and embrace the feelings of discomfort, heat, burning.  Remind yourself that these feelings are NOT weakness…will NOT hurt you.

Š      THINK:  “The most important rep is the one I am on; focus on form and smoothness.”


…When movement stops…


Š      THINK:  “Nothing is more important than full, continuous breathing through EVERY moment of exercise…right until the very end.”

Š      Visualize the movement completing even if it’s really not doing so.

Š      THINK:  “The movement arm is NOT stopped—I refuse to accept that it is stopped.  I command the target muscles AND NOTHING ELSE to slowly push through.”

Š      THINK:  “I will NOT speed up or change my form to finish this last rep.  I will remain calm.  It does not matter if I finish this rep, it only matters that I keep trying—this is the moment I am here to challenge!.”