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Increase Fat Burning Metabolism

Exercise Articles Section

Why SuperSlow (Slow Motion High Intensity Exercise) by Doug McGuff, M.D.

The Biology of Exercise by Doug McGuff, M.D.

Strength Training ... The Real Fountain of Youth by Tim Ryan

Muscle Matters by Ellington Darden, PhD.

Exercise is an Absolute Requirement for Life by Drew Baye

High Intensity Strength Training: More Aerobic Than "Aerobics"

General Articles Section

Newsweek's Going SuperSlow Article

Appearance Based Considerations by Doug McGuff, M.D.

Exercise VS Recreation by Ken Hutchins

Osteoporosis - It's Bad To The Bone by Terry Duschinski

Why Doctors Don't Understand Exercise by Doug McGuff, M.D.

Health-Related Issues by Doug McGuff, M.D.

Bodyfat Articles Section

Hard Fact About Soft Tissue: Bodyfat by Doug McGuff, M.D.

Spot Reduction by Ellington Darden, PhD.

So Your Ambition Is To Be a Circus Fat Lady? Part 1 by Ken Hutchins

So Your Ambition Is To Be a Circus Fat Lady? Part 2 by Ken Hutchins

SuperHydration & Fat Loss by Ellington Darden PhD.

Looking Good: Appearance Issues by Doug McGuff, M.D.

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