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Create ... a Strong, Trim and Toned Body


Improve ... Strength, Endurance and Performance

• Heidi Coleman - Age 47 - Stamford, CT - Artist - Member Since 12/03 •

For years, I’ve tried to get into a regular exercise routine but I never enjoyed spending much time in the gym. Once I turned 40, I realized I could no longer rely on the occasional workouts I was getting without losing some muscle mass. John’s program was the perfect solution for me. By committing only twenty minutes, once a week, John has helped me get into the best physical condition of my life.

John’s one-on-one personal training helps me get the most out of the time I spend in his gym. He helps me stay focused on my form and my breathing, which also enables me to work out with the heavy weights safely. John also keeps me moving quickly between machines, so that I can benefit from a higher level of conditioning. Because of John’s specialized knowledge and excellent training skills, I know I’ve found a program I can commit to for life.

• Jill Kinney - Age 47 - New Canaan, CT - Photographer/Digital Artist - Member Since 3/03 •

When I think of all the hours per week I used to spend trying to stay in shape, it seems like such a waste of time. Do the math -- two hours strength training per week plus 45 minutes of aerobics three to four times a week -- that's five hours a week. I am stronger now than I have ever been in just 17 minutes a week. I still do some aerobics, but the big difference is that I'm doing aerobics I enjoy like playing tennis, gardening, and walking the dog. My tennis game, especially my serve, have improved a great deal. Another thing I really appreciate about John is that he has been able to adapt some of the exercises so as not to aggravate my tendonitis. Though he pushes me hard to do my best, he's always been very careful not to make an injury worse.

I can't imagine going back to the old workout!

• Brad Barton - Age 61 - Darien, CT - Internet Marketing Execute - Member Since 3/03 •

The reason I started Super Slow with you was because I wanted to be in shape and hopefully lose some weight in the process. As I got in to the program I realized that it would also help cure some of my common ailments such as my bad back while also helping me with my favorite pastime golf.
What initially got me interested was the fact that it was one workout for 30 minutes once a week. I had tried the fitness clubs and had not found that I had any consistency or achieved any better fitness from them.

Over the time that I have been in the program I have lost about 10 pounds to about 195 which is in my range for a person 6'3". I have also changed some of the other weight from fat to muscle and generally feel stronger and in good shape, especially for somebody 61. I have also improved my golf game where it is now equal to friends of mine who are 15 to 20 years younger.

Although the workouts are hard it is only once a week and I can see results which makes the effort, time and expense worthwhile.

• Kent Reilly - Age 49 - Norwalk, CT - Management Consultant - Member Since 2/03 •

Just a quick note of thanks for all you've done for me over the last three years. As you remember at that time my primary goal was to find a training plan that would accommodate my weekly business trips. It has certainly proved to be true that "thirty minutes a week" is enough to improve my overall health, feel good about doing something for my aging body, and still get to the airport on time!

I've also shared with you, but want to reiterate, how nice it was to go snowboarding with my teenage son -- for the first time -- and not only have the strength to perform, but the strength to NOT ache all over the next day. I know that without SuperSlow I would have been a wreck!

One last point... I don't work out to 'meet people' or socialize, so for me the closed, one-on-one training allows me to exercise without worrying what 'that person on the next treadmill' is thinking. I like the discipline and focus required with SuperSlow.

• Whitney Woods - Fairfield, CT - Competitive Rower - Member Since 12/04 •

Hi, my name is Whitney Woods and I am a 41 year old Physical Therapy assistant and a competitive athlete. I was referred to John Tatore and Super Slow by a 55 year old friend of mine whose musculature was defined and toned. Even though I knew she hated to exercise, I had to ask her how she got those lean arms and shoulders. The answer was Super Slow. How was this body possible to achieve and maintain with just a 1/2 hour workout per week?

I drove the half hour from North Fairfield for my first consultation knowing that it would have to be something really special for me to make that drive to Stamford once a week. The small, private, clean personal training boutique was great. The best surprise was that each session only involved four specific machines per visit. Better still, it's just you and your coach in the room. It's intense and very interpersonal, professional and encouraging.

John Tatore is more than a personal trainer. He's very well studied in the anatomy and sports medicine. He's a true professional who "gets in your ear" when the lifting gets tough. He is always present to support your form and technique. He demands total focus from his clients during their 25 minutes so that they can experience maximal results and feel supported.

I am a semi-professional athlete who trains 4 days a week for my sport. Once I discovered how quickly my body responded to SuperSlow, I had to reevaluate my entire program. I have more lean definition than ever before. Not bulky mass, but just stronger and leaner all over . The workouts are not for the faint of heart as the goal is, in fact, to reach muscle failure. Still, I have seen 80 year old women on the machines as I wait for my turn. It's inspiring. They positively glow as they finish the workout. The body responds to the exertion by releasing endorphins and a huge feeling of well being.

Now that I have been with John and Super Slow for more than a year, the workouts are pretty tough indeed. Still, for someone who has had four knee reconstructions and a shoulder repair, I only experience safe strengthening with no injury or pain or soreness. I was fearful about that at first. For me, each session is like a mini Outward Bound experience. You work up to my level of training over time, but it requires tremendous focus and determination. When you can get to a "mind over matter" state of being, the session is over so quickly and yields a supreme sense of accomplishment.

A fantastic phenomenon, this Slow technique. It's as good for me mentally as it is physically. Once a week is such an easy commitment to make for a payoff that is so huge and multilayered.

I welcome any phone calls from skeptics or people with questions. I am a true believer. You won't know unless you try it.

• Julia Hurley - Age 43 - Darien, CT - Director IT PepsiCo - Member Since 12/02 •

As a working Mom I found I was not getting to the gym and to exercise classes on a regular basis and when I did go I did not feel I was getting the benefits I was looking for. I tried SuperSlow under John Tatore’s instruction 3 1/2 years ago.

What I love best about my weekly appointment with John at Exercise Solution is the fact that I don't have to keep track of weights or reps. John takes care of the fitness program and I spend all my time and energy on doing the exercises slow and with good form. I love the fact that I have gotten toned and feel that I am doing it in a safe method where I don't risk pulled muscles or injuries. I really appreciate being able to exercise then change and go right to the office. Weekly SuperSlow exercise has become part of my routine and I look forward to going to my appointments each week. I also have found I have better strength and endurance while doing other activities with my family like skiing, tennis, golf and water sports. SuperSlow is the perfect exercise for a busy person like myself with work and family commitments who want to maintain strength
and muscle tone.

"The Once-A-Week 30 Minute Workout"
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