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Studio Equipment


SuperSlow System's Shoulder Press Machine and Chest Press Machine


SuperSlow System's Pulldown Machine and Leg Press Machine

Equipment: Exercise Machines

• State-of-the-art Superslow® Systems exercise machines engineered for the performance of Slow-Motion training (also know as SuperSlow®)
• SuperSlow® System and modified Nautilus equipment have the advantage of “the cam effect” which is designed to match the machine’s resistance to the muscle’s strength in every position (lessen the resistance when we are weaker and increase the resistance when we are stronger)
• All of our equipment works the body in accordance with proper muscle and joint function (takes advantage of the body’s natural movements) and works the maximum number of muscles used per exercise (equals less workout time needed)
• Specially-designed equipment where the muscles are directly and effectively stimulated without stressing the joints by use of individual cams on each machine
• Custom designed to accommodate clients of all sizes
• Smooth frictionless movement of the machines compared to equipment found in typical gyms and other personal exercise studios
• Equipment is always in perfect working condition and continually upgraded to reduce friction and enhance the exercise efficiency
• Entry and exit are achieved safely without loading the muscles until properly positioned on each machines

Studio Environment: The Ideal Exercise Environment

• An exceptionally clean no-nonsense facility geared toward “outstanding results” in “minimum total workout time”
• Exclusive “one instructor, one client training” (Undivided expert attention monitoring every aspect of your exercise session allowing for deep concentration and focus which is essential for maximum results)
• Absolutely no music, wall-to-wall mirrors, television, waiting lines, ringing phones, other instructors shouting instructions or any other distractions … just the sounds of cooling fans and quiet instructions by your instructor … thus allowing the proper atmosphere for productive and efficient exercise not found at commercial gyms
• Temperature maintained at 68 degrees Fahrenheit helps prevent overheating and enhance workout intensity (sweating is the body’s last resort at cooling, by which time the process of true muscular exercise has been compromised)
• All we ask of our clients is for them to be on time and mentally, as well as physically, ready to focus 100% on their training session to reach their fullest potential

"The Once-A-Week 30 Minute Workout"
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