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 Program Benefits


Are You Ready For A Change?

We understand that it's hard to believe the concept of exercising only once per week for 30 minutes and get the results we're describing. Please try to keep an open mind as you read this information to learn more.

Of all the potential forms of exercise available, only strength training has a pronounced effect on all ten of the Biomarkers of Aging. However, most people have neither the knowledge, time, nor mental toughness necessary to perform this type of exercise in a meaningful way.

Evidence from the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University has demonstrated that the body's decline is due not to the passing of years but to the combined effects of inactivity, poor nutrition, and illness- much of which cannot be controlled. This breakthrough study shows that regardless of your age or present physical condition, the aging process can be slowed, or even reversed!

Biomarker of aging:
Lean body (muscle) mass
Basal metabolic rate
Body fat percentage
Aerobic capacity
Blood pressure
Insulin sensitivity
Cholesterol/HDL ratio
Bone density
Body temperature regulation

At Exercise Solution, getting the unconditioned person to function like a champion is routine. Using a combination of breathing, meditative and functional techniques, we can take an ordinary person right off
the street and have them training like a world class athlete in no time. This bout of high intensity
exercise is so effective that each and every person finds themselves shaking for several minutes. It is a
feeling that is truly exhilarating, and leaves the client with a tremendous sense of accomplishment and well-being.

For most of us, time is our most precious commodity in life and it is also the excuse which many use for not exercising.

With Exercise Solution, all of your weekly exercise goals can be accomplished in just a single, 30-minute session. Less time exercising leaves you more time to enjoy life.

Benefits of Program
Improve Strength & Endurance
Regain or Build Muscle Tissue (Firm-Tone)
Stronger Bones
Increase Metabolism (Fat Burning)
Enhance & Maintain Flexibility
Increase Joint Stability
Increase Cardiovascular Efficiency
Reduce Injuries

"The Once-A-Week 30 Minute Workout"
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