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Low Back Exercise

MedX Lumbar Extension Machine used at Exercise Solution, LLC


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Our backs are always "going out' on us, it seems, and we find every imaginable reason to explain it. The root cause of low-back pain is weak musculature. In order to stop, or drastically lessen low-back pain now, and to prevent it in the future, you must conscientiously decide to strengthen your low back. There is no "free lunch" in that respect.

LOW-BACK PAIN (LBP) is one of the most common and costly medical problems in modern industrialized societies.  It has been estimated that 8 of 10 people will suffer from LBP at some time in their lives at a cost of billions of dollars annually.  Although the etiology of LBP is very diverse, many causes have been related to weakness or injury of the soft tissue in the lumbar area.

The breakthrough in healing the painful low back came when University of Florida researchers proved that on average most of us, even those of us without any significant low-back pain, were walking around with our low-back lumbar spine muscles in a state of chronic atrophy. This simply means that our lumbar muscles are typically in a weakened state. When the researchers then looked at low-back-pain patients, their lumbar muscles were even weaker than the low-back muscles of people with no pain. They identified these weak muscles as the root cause, the weak link, of low-back pain.

The MedX Lumbar Extension machine is a revolutionary treatment that has been shown to eliminate LBP through intense therapeutic exercise. It is simple, safe, and highly successful treatment that restores normal strength and function to the human spine. A strong and flexible core provides a sound foundation for whole-body strength. The MedX Lumbar Extension machine delivers the four factors essential to spinal health: strength, stability, flexibility and endurance. MedX lumbar extension machine is used to strengthen extensor muscles for the treatment of low back pain. The MedX lumbar extension machine is intended to address low back pain by developing spinal muscle strength through a stabilization system that isolates specifc muscle groups.

The MedX Lumbar Extension machine has been developed to isolate the muscles of the lower back like no other, due to its patented pelvic restraint system. If the pelvis cannot move, then the only muscles that can move your torso are your lower back muscles. Without this isolating component too many other muscles, such as your hamstring and gluteal muscles, are utilized to move your torso.


Primary Lower Back Exercise Goals

   1. Increase dynamic strength and endurance

   2. Increase Lumbar Range of Motion

   3. Decrease subjective rating of pain

   4. Improve functional movement of daily activities


Who can benefit from using the MedX Lumbar Extension Machine?

   1. Most people with chronic low back pain

   2. Those who job requires repeated lifting: mill workers, delivery people...

   3. Those who job demands occasional heavy lifting

   4. Casual Athletes: Tennis, Golf, basketball, soccer...

   5. Most people whose lower back has become deconditioned by sedentary routine/lifestyle


Doug McGuff M.D Videos On Lower Back Exercises

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