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Program Details


Regain or Build Muscle Tissue for Enhanced Toning

What is a typical workout like?

You come to Exercise Solution once a week. You can choose to come more often in the beginning if you want to learn the protocol faster. That’s up to you and your schedule. 

The protocol we use has been around a long time. It started out in the late 80s as the SuperSlow® Exercise Protocol. The equipment we use is manufactured by SuperSlow Systems. You'll start off with 3 exercises to learn how the protocol is done. It’s a slow-motion high intensity protocol. The intensity levels build up over the course of 8 sessions. Some people reach it sooner and some need more time.

The first sessions are mainly for learning. As the intensity increases, clients must understand how to handle it. While clients generally tend to focus on moving the weight, their focus should be on  contracting the muscles which will move the weight. The contracting of the muscles is the primary objective; moving the weight is secondary.  When people focus primarily on moving the weight, their proper form breaks down. Utilizing proper form is what makes the program safe. Shifting around, bursts of force and speed, and accelerated changes in direction can cause high force production that could lead to injuries. Our focus with this program is to ensure that this doesn't happen. Most other forms of exercise tend to increase this negative force production, to increase intensity, which can lead to injuries in many of the joints of the body.

After the initial training stage, we will eventually work you up to 5 exercises (working all major muscles of the upper and lower body) which will run from between 1 to 3 minutes each until you reach momentary muscle fatigue on each exercise. Momentary muscle fatigue is when your muscles have lost their force production and they can no longer contract enough force to keep the weight moving. We work on achieving this without introducing inappropriate behaviors that get in the way (breath holding, wiggling, stops and starts of movement and the introduction of other muscle groups that we aren’t trying to target in the exercise.)

The exercises are performed in rapid succession, allowing you to build cardiovascular endurance at the same time as building muscle strength.

Achieving momentary muscle fatigue is the point in time when the inroading of your muscles (the loss of force production) crosses a threshold that sends a strong message to the body to build more strength - through muscle mass increases - to deal with the stress that the body has experienced from the exercise. The once a week session allows the body, which is changing as a result of the exercise, to recover all of it’s strength and more so that your strength will continue to increase with each subsequent weekly workout.

As you progress into the program different exercises are introduced over time to make the program more complete and to work with the increased recovery time needed between individual exercises. This usually produces an A & B routine rotated weekly or even an A & B & C routine rotated over three weeks for the most advanced practitioners.

To watch how we guide our clients through these exercises, please select the Video of Workout page link.

"The Once-A-Week 30 Minute Workout"
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